PyroTech is not just retail. We also conduct year-round sale of pyrotechnics for wholesale customers. Thanks to direct cooperation with the best manufacturers and importers, we can provide you with a wide range of high quality products while maintaining attractive prices. All fireworks offered by us are proven products of renowned brands. They have appropriate ADR and CE certificates, and no additional permits are required for their purchase and subsequent distribution.

In the case of permanent cooperation, we offer our clients favorable discounts. They are awarded for an indefinite period and accrued based on the value of the order placed with us. After exceeding each subsequent threshold, the discount value is increased accordingly. Below our discount table:

Value of the order (net): Available rebate:
1000,00 - 4999,00 PLN5 %
5000,00 - 9999,00 PLN8 %
10000,00 - 14999,00 PLN10 %
15000,00 - 19999,00 PLN12 %
20000,00 - 29999,00 PLN15 %
30000,00 - 34999,00 PLN18 %
35000,00 - 40000,00 PLN20 %
above 40000,01 PLNnegotiations

Discounts apply only to cardboard purchases and do not include self-firing kits (in this case, the discount is given individually).

If you are interested in wholesale purchases, please contact us via the form or at the following phone number:
515 307 386